*PLEASE NOTE With our fly subscription service, you will receive 12 fly selections throughout the year, however, these selections won't come every month. In months where the fish are most active, and many different fly types are hatching, you will receive multiple selections. We have based our costings over a 12 month period to spread the cost for you,  this will ensure you have the best flies at the right time. This means that you will not receive flies during the close season, but for us to continue our service we would really like it if you continue your subscription with us (if you don't we will go broke!), but you can cancel at any time (please don't). The below will give you an idea of what you will be receiving each month.

What your membership will look like.

March - 1 box of March Brown's, small Olive patterns and Nymphs. See our March box here.


April - 1 Box of Hawthorns, Grannom's, LDO's and Nymphs.


May - 2 Boxes this month. 1 Mayfly box and 1 box with Hawthorns, Iron Blues and Nymphs.


June - 2 boxes this month. 1 Olive focused box and 1 Sedge focused with Nymphs


July - 1 box of Olives in varying sizes, and Sedge, Daddy Longlegs and Nymphs


August - 1 box with more Nymphs in this one, along with Olives, Sedge and Midge patterns.


September - 2 boxes this month. 1 box full of Sedge patterns and 1 box with Pale Watery's, LDO's, Daddy longlegs and nymphs.


October - 1 box with Iron Blues, Pale Watery's, LDO's and Nymphs